We opened a private salon with a complete reservation system. Reservations are accepted from our official LINE. (@ecrette)

Regarding the ordered products, it currently takes about 1.5 to 2 months for delivery.

What I want to leave behind.

Something heavy that I had been carrying for a long time.

I was comparing all the time. something big

Something complicated that has been tangled all along.

Something like that one by one.

Little by little, we will unravel it carefully.

Then, in the very middle,

Ask a piece of me

what do you want to leave What?



ECRETTE means "jewelry box" in French "Ecrin"

It is a coined word combining "-ette" which means small.

put it in a little jewel box
I want to be chosen as limited jewelry.

With such a wish,
Cherish minimal possibility and simple universality,

We strive to create designs that bring out the natural beauty of gemstones and bullion.


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