privacy policy

Ecret Japan Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company") properly handles personal information entrusted to us by customers (hereinafter referred to as "personal information") so that customers can use our products and services with peace of mind. We will strive to protect personal information by managing it.

1. Collection of personal information

We collect personal information by appropriate and fair means.

2. Collection of personal information

When entrusting personal information, we will clearly indicate the purpose of use, handle personal information within that scope, and strive not to impair the rights of our customers.

3. Management of personal information

In order to safely manage the personal information entrusted to us, we will use it only within the scope of the customer's consent, and we will take necessary and appropriate measures.

4. Inquiry, Correction and Deletion of Personal Information

When there is a request for inquiry, correction, deletion, etc. of personal information entrusted to us by a customer, we will promptly respond after confirming the identity of the customer based on the procedure prescribed by our company.
For inquiries about personal information, please let us know from the inquiry on our website.

5. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

We will not disclose personal information to a third party without the consent of the customer, except in the following cases.
・When the person has an opinion ・When required by law ・When it is necessary to protect a person's life, body or property and it is difficult to obtain the person's consent ・Our company, our employees and customers If the Company determines that there is a risk of infringement of the rights or property of

6. Use of cookies

When a customer visits the Company's website, the Company may use information terminals such as computers, mobile phones, and smartphones used by customers in order to improve the convenience of browsing and other services, distribute advertisements, obtain statistical data, etc. We will send identification cookies and individual identification information (hereinafter collectively referred to as "cookies") and record them on the hard disk. We will use the acquired cookies together with your information to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use.
You can set your browser to refuse cookies, but in that case you may not be able to use some parts of the service.
We may use an advertisement distribution service provided by a third party, and in connection with this, the third party may acquire and use cookies from customers who have visited our website. Cookies obtained by such third parties are handled in accordance with the third party's privacy policy.

In order to manage our efforts to protect personal information and to respond to changes in laws and regulations, we may change, without prior notice, the matters to be announced based on the above Act on the Protection of Personal Information.


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